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So long has passed.

I promised you an update that I didn’t deliver on, so I’m sorry about that. School and such got in the way and took a higher priority over modelling and posting. But, I’ve now graduated and will have oodles of free time so here’s the plan. I’m going to make a new wordpress account with a cooler name (hehe) maybe, and the make regular updates once a week…starting a couple weeks from now. I find that if I try to update too much or force myself to do it then I get distracted easily…let’s try to change that.

So things to keep an eye out for in the upcoming weeks:

MG Exia
MG Ez8 (the second gunpla that I never properly shot)
MG Destiny wisp
and I’m also going to start my Perfect Grade!!!!

I won’t tell you what it is though…you’ll have to guess.

Anyways, it feels great to be back and I’ll catch you all later.

Impending Update.


Or….the next day….or the day after that. I finished my Exia!

WISPs Part 1

Sometimes I wonder why I do it. Not the Gunpla thing….but the process in which I build gunpla. Here’s some back story.

Back when I first started building gunpla, I was ordering models as I built them. As in: Buy one, build one, but another, build another. It didn’t take a long time for me to realize that that is THE STUPIDEST way to buy models. It’s like buying models for $10 more than they cost. Soon after, I started buying more than one at a time to reduce the marginal shipping cost.

And that brings me to where I am now. I have 3 models in progress right now. Some further than others but still a lot of work to do on each.

Group Picture!

We’ll go on a photo journey of the the three in terms of most complete to most incomplete.

First is the Exia. This one is mostly complete, but there needs to be detailing on the legs and the arm. Aside from that, I need to redo the shading on the head since I messed it up by handling it by the v-fin, wearing down the shading at the center of the fin. Decals are from SamuelDecal.com. Enjoy!

Next up is my HGUC Jegan. This is the first model I’m using pla-plate on. I intend to do more to it, eliminate seam lines, possible add an LED into the head, and also change the color scheme…maybe something Throne Zwei-ish. Current mods include plating added to the shield, and stupid crap done to the chest. Enjoy!

Last up is the GP02a. This is one is going to have an extensive amount of mod work done on it. Truth be told, the only reason I bought the Jegan is to practice on. But here it is….OOB in every sense of the word.

Looking forward to posting these models completed. I also received my FIRST PERFECT GRADE MODEL!!!

But I want to finish these and my MG destiny before I get going on it. I want to have as much experience as possible before I get going on it.



MG F91 ver. Gold!

I love that picture.

So what we have here is something I’ve procrastinated shooting for months. Months. But here you have it: my MG F91 ver. Gold. This is a 95% OOB kit with the color changed and a couple (emphasis on couple) of seam lines were filled in on the shoulders.

I think these pictures are better than any that I’ve done in the past. I think I love the look of this model. Everything about it is very simple, it’s skinnier than most UC suits but it doesn’t have the anorexic look that we saw in the SEED universe.

I don’t remember much about this build, honestly. One of the problems between building a model months before you post it, but oh well. I had fun posing this one. I wish I had more patience because there would be more than a handful of poses but that’s something to work towards in the future.



Upcoming Posts.

SO im writing this down so I don’t get lazy and not do it. Tomorrow or the next day I’m going to post a few posts. First off, I still need to shoot and review my MG F91 ver Gold.

Next, Im probably going to post a huuuuuge WIP post. This WIP is going to have my MG Ignition Exia (which is shaded everywhere but the arm and legs), a preliminary post of my MG GP02A (which is built but I’m going to repaint it and add armor and mods to it…after I finish my hguc) and an HGUC Jegan (which is practice using styrene and scratch-building materials so I dont mess up my GP02A)

And then after that: I’m going to post that I ordered my PG!!!! Which I havent ordered yet but by then I will have.

Christmas Loot

I know Christmas is long since over but my dad has been waiting for me to pick what I ant him to get me. Talking about gunpla earlier, we started talking about perfect grade models and how I want to get one. When he asked why I haven’t asked for one for Christmas, I told him because I didn’t feel right about asking him for a $200 model. He brushed that off and insisted that since that is apparently the only thing I can gather the brain mass to say that I definitively want, he is more than happy to shell out some cash for a PG.

So now the question is…which PG should I ask me pappy to get me. Not the 00 raiser since I think its ugly, and not the red frame because it’s cliche…or at least I think so.

So Im thinking the Strike Rouge….it’s less SOLD OUT then the normal strike and then I dont have to buy the Skygrasper, the RX-78 GP01 since I love that, or the Mk. II since I think it may be my favorite gundam.

Heres some pics I pulled from Dalong, Danny Choo, and from Figure.fm to show some comparisons.

Dalong's PG Strike Rouge

Dalong's GP01

Ah Fai's GP01 Custom, taken from Figure.fm. What mine would most likely look like.

Dalong's Mk. II Titans

Danny Choo's Mk. II

Some considerations about the choice:

1. The Strike is the only one that comes with a display base, that being said it is also the only one which doesn’t look natural unless it’s in the air. Also, I would say that there’s a 60% chance I’d end up changing the color.

2. The Mk. II Titans would look good if I chose not to add any kind of shading effects, that being said it doesn’t have much more detail than it’s 1/100 MG v2.0 counterpart. It is also cheaper than the other two.

3. The GP01 Doesn’t come with the sword. Hah. Moreover, the armaments are on the dull side. More specifically, ugly early-UC beam rifle. Love the shield though. I would need to follow the example set by Ah Fai in his Figure.fm post and buy the 1/60 NG Striker Weapons.

So please. please. Add some comments to give me some guidance in this decision. Now since in the end, this will be sitting on my mantle I may go against your advice. If that ends up being the case, don’t take it personally. I will consider any comments made.

Thanks much!

Pics are from: